Scheme Evolution

Solum Regeneration has been working on its plans at Guildford Station since 2011. Over that time, it has held numerous workshops and exhibitions and heard from hundreds of local residents. More than three-quarters of all those who responded to the consultation support the redevelopment of the station.

Plans were originally submitted to the Council in 2014 and in February 2015 Solum agreed to make amendments after listening to comments from local groups and to explore the scheme’s relationship with the Council’s emerging town centre masterplan.

The changes include a substantial reduction in height, improved pedestrian links, enhancing the design of the station building, increasing the size of the station plaza and providing greater office and commercial space. The major changes include:

  • A considerable reduction in the height of the buildings - the tallest has been reduced from 15 storeys to ten.

  • Improved connectivity to the town centre in line with the emerging town centre masterplan. This will include future proofing pedestrian links over the railway lines at the station as and when Network Rail bring forward a new footbridge and a £250,000 contribution to a new bridge over the River Wey.

  • Changes to the detailed architectural treatment of the buildings to respect the neighbouring area and the views over the town to the cathedral and castle.

  • Enhancing the design of the station building itself to ensure that it becomes the focal point for the Station Plaza.

  • Increasing the size of the Station Plaza and making changes to its operation to provide additional bus capacity.

  • Providing greater office and commercial space within the development to provide a more mixed-use environment and new jobs.

The proposal has also been designed to safeguard land on Walnut Tree Close to allow for the improvements which have been identified in the recently published town centre masterplan.