New station

A new station square

The centrepiece of the development will be a new station square, providing a high quality and landscaped public space offering a much more attractive and safer environment for station users and pedestrians. It will create:

  • A large and attractive public square befitting the gateway to Guildford.

  • A better station operation and approach.

  • Reduced congestion and simpler traffic management.

  • Re-configured vehicular access for improved drop off, taxi and rail replacement buses.

  • A modern, secure multi-storey car park retaining the same number of station parking spaces with improved, safer pedestrian access and reduced average walk time from car to platforms.

  • Better facilities for cyclists.

The new station

The redevelopment of the station area provides an opportunity to build a new station offering:

  • An improved passenger experience and customer journey.

  • A modern, attractive, station building benefitting a major regional centre.

  • A new and larger main ticket hall designed to accommodate the future increases in passenger use.

  • A station entrance as the main focus of an improved public forecourt.

  • An improved station retail and cafĂ© offer.

Better connections

The majority of people who use Guildford station travel on foot, by bicycle or by bus. Therefore the principal focus of the proposals are:

  • Provide a better pedestrian environment immediately outside of the station through the creation of a new station square.

  • Improve the accessibility of the cycle facilities.

  • Provide an easy accessible route to and from the bus services which stop in the station forecourt.

  • Station square design promotes easy wayfinding and access for all, and includes new signage.

  • New improved drop off/pick up and taxi arrangements.

  • Widening Walnut Tree Close approach to the gyratory to reduce peak congestion.