Passenger benefits

The scheme will deliver around £25m of improvements to Guildford Station, including:

  • A brand new station building – providing a larger, double height ticket hall with a gate-line twice as wide as the current one to accommodate more passengers. The scheme has been designed to accommodate anticipated passenger growth up until 2035. Additional space will be provided for more ticket machines.

  • A radically enhanced station environment with an attractive new station plaza offering a high quality public realm giving greater priority to pedestrian movements to and from the station.

  • A new multi-storey car park retaining the same number of station parking spaces with improved, safer pedestrian access and reduced average walk time from car to platform.

  • 50% increase in accessible parking provision.

  • Separate pick-up and drop-off arrangements (a new dedicated space) and an improved taxi rank with shelter and canopies.

  • Around 230 additional secure and covered station bicycle storage spaces with quick access to the station.

  • A new vibrant station quarter with additional space for shops and restaurants and a pleasant place for station users and visitors to meet and greet.

  • Better and safer pedestrian links and way finding into the rest of Guildford town centre aligned to an upgraded river crossing route into town.

  • New bus replacement arrangements so that no car parking spaces are lost during periods of engineering works.

  • Two new bus stops (there is currently one) and provision to provide more in due course as a contribution to a Council initiative for a sustainable transport corridor that could in future support up to 30 buses per hour in each direction outside the station.

Guildford is expected to see a significant rise in passenger numbers in future years, and these proposals form part of a significant Network Rail investment programme that should provide additional platform and car-operation capacity over the next 10 years.